Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks Uncle Mike!

In florida for a few days with the fam for some r&r. Thanks to Uncle Mike for these great pics of my little man.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Planning

My baby boy turned 10 months old yesterday. AH! He's crawling, standing and all that good stuff and I'm pretty sure walking will be coming pretty soon. It's an easier transition for the little guys that don't have as much weight and height to hold up like my G man.

The weirdest thing to think about right now is that it's time to start planning his 1st birthday party. So surreal. I still have moments where I just can't believe that I'm a mom....let alone the mom of a 1 year old.

I do love to plan events. I'm 100 percent sure of my calling to church ministry, but given another choice, I would go into event planning and public relations. So planning his big par-tay will be fun. I already have a list of some elements I don't want to forget and purchased some cute, personalized 1st birthday stuff a while back.

Does anyone out there have any fun 1st birthday tips for me as I get planning? A photo op I have to be sure to get? A fun game? Party favor?