Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I will warn you all right off the bat that this post falls into the "Too Much Information - T.M.I." category. So...if you don't want to know gross details of my girly parts....please read no further.

First off - had my 38 week appt. today and I am now 3 centimeters dilated. Woohoo!

Then, after lunch I used the restroom and to my surprise had what I guess is called bloody show. I got so friggin excited about this grossness on my tp. I actually screamed "yeah!". one was around to hear me. I then preceeded to skip down the hall and cheerily tell all my female co-workers my news to much excitement and glee on their part. How funny are we women as a species? My mom was especially excited. (yep - I work with my mom - and my dad actually - and my sister and her husband).

So I've done my reading up on this whole bloody business and have found that on average, most people go into labor within a few days of having this appearance. But...of course there are exceptions to every rule and it could mean a big fat nothing. I polled my friends and family, I found mostly that they went into labor within 48 hours of this occuring. One even within 8 hours of it occuring. But then there was the one who ruined it all for me and she went 3 more weeks after seeing it and then had to be induced (But I love you anyway honey, even though your news was a downer). I have also had a lot more pressure going on down there, along with decent cramping now and then.

So my question to all of you is.....what do you think? 48 hours? Or possibly 3 weeks and an induction in my future? Oh how I would love for this baby to come in next few days - I so want that May birthdate and I'm running out of time.

So...please share your gross details with me so I can figure out what to expect here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not So Bad

I managed to squeak through another Sunday without people saying anything obnoxious. Maybe it's the holiday weekend and everybody is just too happy with time off and decent weather to say stupid things. Whatever the reason...I'm thankful.

So it's Sunday night and still no signs of impending labor. I'm guessing I'm not gonna get my weekend wish. But that's ok. I'm trying to appreciate the rest of the time I have with him inside me. I'm sure I'll miss his wigglings once he is out. I also have had a few anxiety attacks over the past few days about his arrival. I've shed some tears and done some freaking out about the change that is to come and not knowing what the heck to do with a baby. Luckily, these panics don't last too long, but still, I'd prefer they'd go away. I like being excited about his coming...not scared. Hopefully it's just my crazy hormones.

At Friday's check-up I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. Not bad progress. More to come at next Wednesday's appt. I'll keep you all posted.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Reasons Why This Memorial Day Weekend....

Reasons why this Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time for Grayson to arrive:

1 - Husband has time off work and wouldn't have to use too many vaca days post-birth. Also, this is a great time for my sister who lives 3 hours away to get up here for the festivities as well.

2 - As of yet, I have somehow managed to steer clear of any stretch marks. I know that this luck continuing to 40/41 weeks is a statistical impossibility. And I really don't want them!

3 - I am creeping oh so close to having gained 50....yes that's right 5-0....pounds with this little guy. I have at this point made my peace with this. But....should this pregnancy progress a few more weeks, I fear that the scale will creep over that 50 mark and i am so NOT ok with that prospect.

4 - Our pool opens on Saturday, and on the agenda is going to the pool. It sure would be nice to avoid having to suit up. I don't think whaling is allowed at my pool and it is possible someone could mistake me for one and try to harpoon me.

5 - The fat band I've been wearing on my ring finger since February is starting to get way too tight. I think it may need to come off because of all the water retention and swelling. I really hate the thought of not wearing a ring. So, Grayson, please come out so I can keep it on.

6 - So far we have avoided insane heat this May here in NOrthern Virginia. This is quite unusual...normally we have a few 90 degree days thrown in by now. So nice to have avoided the heat thus far in my huge state...but I bet by next week the temps start to rise and I will have to start to suffer even more swelling and canklage in the heat.

7 - Work is 100% handed off. I'm still doing all my duties til I go into labor. But...all is fully covered for when I'm gone. So I'm totally ready on the work front.

So c'mon a good little boy, listen to your mom. Come out and play with us this weekend. Even tonight. Pretty please?

Monday, May 19, 2008


So I'm finding that church is so the worst place to be right now in my so-close-to-the-end state. On Sundays I find that people say the stupidest things. I don't know if they just decide to turn their filters off for the weekend or what, but here's a sampling of some of the comments I received yesterday.

"3 more weeks?! You look like you're gonna pop now. Sure they don't have your due date wrong"
"Are they sure there aren't twins in there? Your stomach is so big it could be holding twins"
"I bet you have a 10 pounder in there"

And my personal favorite....
"I've never seen a pregnant woman as huge as you." (yes...this one is a direct quote)

Seriously? I am NOT that big. I realize I have gained more weight than I should have, and that yes, I am big...but I am by no means the largest pregnant woman I've ever seen. Not even close.

Do people think these comments are cute? Oh please oh please let me go into labor before another Sunday comes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

By Myself, Cankles and NO she didn't!

I am all by myself tonight. The husband is on an overnight golf trip - but don't worry...he's only 90 minutes away should I need him. My parents are actually out of town in Florida should baby Grayson decide he wants to come out tonight, my sister is "on-call" to be my hospital ride. The chances of this happening are slim to none...but one can never be too prepared. And I am a planner.

Also, an update from my world of fluid retention. It is official...I have cankles. My feet and ankles are so swollen that I now no longer have ankles. It's hideous. In the past my legs have been the only part of my body that I was pretty ok with. But gone are those days. Who knew I'd miss my ankles?

Lastly...this is the "no she didn't!" portion of the post. Today I, along with some others, was given a "praise" from an acquaintance. Some of us were sharing prayer requests, and when it was this persons turn she mentioned that she had a answer to prayer. You see...last week she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant and wasn't so happy about it. So she goes on to say she began bleeding a few days later and was so thankful for the miscarriage because she just so didn't want to be pregnant right now. Um...hello!! Woman who's had 3 miscarriages she mourns deeply standing right next to you! I didn't even know how to react to that one. It blew me away and I just had to change the subject to keep myself from saying something I'd regret. Seriously...who says that?! I mean...even if you think it - wouldn't your filter keep you from saying it?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


At my check-up yesterday, after being violated with a cotton swab for my strep b test, I discovered that I'm over a centimeter dilated. This thrills me to no end....forward motion, getting closer all the time to meeting the little man. Only 8 1/2 more cm to go now. I am now to the phase of weekly doc visits - so I'm back again next Friday at 1:10 p.m. Cross your fingers for more opening up action down there. The more of this I can get out of the way prior to actual labor, the better. And...I REALLY want to meet Grayson before the end of May even though offical due date isn't until June 10th. I just like the May b'day so much better for some reason.

That's all the hooha news for now. More to come in a week. :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying Something New

So as I sit here typing this, I have my feet snuggly wrapped up in ace bandages. Why, you may ask? No....I did not trip and fall and twist anything. Although, with my clutz of a self, that would be a likely guess.

My chiropractor friend Dr. M. tells me that this may help prevent my feet from spreading permanently. When pregnant feet relax, the ligaments spread. If I keep them constricted a bit, it should prevent this from happening.

I LOVE shoes. I love MY shoes. I have a lot of them and have invested significant time and money in them. The thought of not squeezing back into them after this pregnancy makes me want to cry. Superficial? Totally. But I have some great shoes. Irreplaceable shoes. They make me happy. Shoe departments are my happy place.

For now, I am content in my flip flops as the heat has me swollen and unable to wear anything else. But...if these ace bandages can help me squeeze back in my heels in the future, I will be crazy grateful for the advice.

So...we'll see.

Anyone else ever heard of this and if it works?