Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying Something New

So as I sit here typing this, I have my feet snuggly wrapped up in ace bandages. Why, you may ask? No....I did not trip and fall and twist anything. Although, with my clutz of a self, that would be a likely guess.

My chiropractor friend Dr. M. tells me that this may help prevent my feet from spreading permanently. When pregnant feet relax, the ligaments spread. If I keep them constricted a bit, it should prevent this from happening.

I LOVE shoes. I love MY shoes. I have a lot of them and have invested significant time and money in them. The thought of not squeezing back into them after this pregnancy makes me want to cry. Superficial? Totally. But I have some great shoes. Irreplaceable shoes. They make me happy. Shoe departments are my happy place.

For now, I am content in my flip flops as the heat has me swollen and unable to wear anything else. But...if these ace bandages can help me squeeze back in my heels in the future, I will be crazy grateful for the advice.

So...we'll see.

Anyone else ever heard of this and if it works?


Amanda said...

I have heard a thing or two about it working... I think a lot of feet change because the woman tend to wear flip flops or something similar in their pregnancy.

tracey said...

Heard of it but never tried it -it can't hurt, right?