Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dueling Bellies

My dad has a pic like this with both my sisters during their pregnancies. So now it was my turn.

And now that we have a complete trio of dueling belly shots, he promises that he'll lose weight. :-)

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm just a big softy

Exciting news from my underworld: My cervix is already soft. Woohoo! What does this mean? Well...the doc of course can't make any promises, but it is a decent indicator that I will go early. And at the very least he says that my labor at least won't be as "ardous" because the proper things are already happening nice and early. I guess only less than 5% of those in this stage of pregnancy already have softening of the cervix. Maybe all my wishful thinking for going a couple weeks early is working. Or maybe I'm getting my hopes all up and I'll end up being induced at 41 weeks. Who knows.

So that's all the hoo-ha news for now. More to come in 2 weeks when I get checked again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Tour

We got a new toy. Thought I'd use the new toy to show you guys Grayson's nursery:

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What do you do with the ultrasound pics from failed pregnancies? Well...mine have just been on my fridge for 2 years +. I've always known they wouldn't stay there forever, but couldn't bring myself to take them off until they had a permanent home somewhere else. I felt as if removing them means I don't love them anymore...and I oh so much still do. They are never far from my mind. As Grayson grows bigger and bigger inside me, I still feel the gaping loss from the ones who never got to this point.

I have finally found frames that I feel are worthy of the pics. These are my angel pics new permanent homes:

Angel # 1 - Lost to heaven March 2006 - Frame says it perfectly - "Angel in the Making"

Angel #3 - Lost to heaven April 2007 - Frame says "So loved" Perfectly stated for this little guy, since he measured behind from the beginning.

My husband always jokingly says our 2nd angel must have middle child syndrome since we don't have any pics around of him. But, unfortunately that's just because he was lost too early to get a glimpse at him. But he is just as loved.

Wanted to share my worthy finds in case any of you other ladies are looking for options for your pics. I found these frames at babies r' us.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What the.....?'s been a while since my last wierd dream. Being just 60 days out from Grayson's due date, I knew the wierdness was bound to show up again. Sure nuf....last night was a wierd one.

In my dream I was due in a few weeks, when all the sudden my left nipple fell off. read that right. It just fell right off. Needless to say in my dream I was very stressed out about how I was going to breastfeed without a nipple. And I was very worried about my appearance - if I was only breastfeeding out of one boob, I sure was going to lopsided for many months.

What the.....?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shower & Belly Pics

It's a boy centerpieces - so cute!

My 2 BFF's made the trip from NY for the weekend - I love them!

My sisters, my niece and the BFF's again

all the loot

She thinks it's ALL for her

Ugh...the Belly Shot - Here I am 30 1/2 weeks - maybe the horizontal stripes weren't the way to go :)


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It has been a busy, busy week and a half. A week ago Saturday and Sunday I was showered - not once, but twice. Saturday was the family shower and out of town friends....Sunday was the church shower with all the ladies from my church. It was a whirlwind of smiling, opening presents and eating cake. I was exhausted at the end of it all and overwhelmed by all the gifts. We piled everything into the house and I have finally finished putting everything in it's proper spot. All his little clothes are washed and in his closet, his bedding is on his crib, his bathroom is set up, his pack n play, swing and bouncy seat are put together and waiting for him, his bathroom is ready to go. I even have finished all the thank you notes. Today I sent out a whopping 101 thank you cards to the guests from all the showers. That's a lot of postage $$! But I am so thankfull for all the loot and our registries at both Babies r us and pottery barn kids are pretty much wiped out....which is huge.

I am so thankful for all the great stuff and a little overwhelmed by generosity. Also overwhelmed with the feeling of being done with all the preparations and having not much else to do but wait for the little guy to cook a little more so he can come out. This is a wierd and strange place to be. A great place....but an odd feeling for sure. The nesting is complete and now it's time for him to come. 2 months to go...we're in the home stretch.

Wow...this is really going to happen.