Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Travel Week Highs and Lows

We spent a week on the road and in the air....traveling first by plane to Michigan for a cousin's wedding and then by car to Ocean City, MD. Sunday of Labor Day weekend was quite the day as we woke up in Detroit, flew to Virginia and drove to the beach - with an ER stop for Grayson - he had a bad cough that they diagnosed as pertussis. Which ended up being a misdiagnosis. On Wednesday we were back at the ER because he was getting worse and had a 103 fever. Chest xrays revealed a mild case of pneumonia. An antibiotic shot and prescription in hand, we were sent on our way. Thankfully he started to immediately improve and was even able to enjoy the sand at the beach on our last day.

Here are the highs...and lows of the trip....

doing his "funny face"

whatchyou lookin at mommy?
even the dog enjoyed sunbathing on the deck

the entire town was sold out of plastic or inflatable pools - so we improvised with an underbed storage container - and he didn't know the difference!

At the ER...passed out and sweetly pathetic

so sick he couldn't even bring himself to eat his donut

failed attempt at matching pj's pic....grayson wouldn't stay still


cutest lil footprints ever

playing in the sand

Chasing the birds


Lining up his shot

He really didn't want to leave putt putt

enjoying the sunset on our last night

Goodbye ocean city! Hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm sure this will backfire on me, but....

I know that me speaking of this will backfire on me, but I just have to say I'm so proud of my little fella. He slept 10 hours straight last night! 1-0. Wow! He went down at 7:30 and didn't wake up til 5:30. Momma went down at 9:30 and slept til 5:30 (8 hours of sleep? unheard of for me!). It was a dream.

When he went back down at 6 I was actually rested enough to stay up and get some stuff down around the house before Grayson woke up. Heavenly is the only word to describe it.

And now that I've spoken of it, I'm prepared for a night of every hour on the hour feedings tonight. ;-)