Friday, May 23, 2008

Reasons Why This Memorial Day Weekend....

Reasons why this Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time for Grayson to arrive:

1 - Husband has time off work and wouldn't have to use too many vaca days post-birth. Also, this is a great time for my sister who lives 3 hours away to get up here for the festivities as well.

2 - As of yet, I have somehow managed to steer clear of any stretch marks. I know that this luck continuing to 40/41 weeks is a statistical impossibility. And I really don't want them!

3 - I am creeping oh so close to having gained 50....yes that's right 5-0....pounds with this little guy. I have at this point made my peace with this. But....should this pregnancy progress a few more weeks, I fear that the scale will creep over that 50 mark and i am so NOT ok with that prospect.

4 - Our pool opens on Saturday, and on the agenda is going to the pool. It sure would be nice to avoid having to suit up. I don't think whaling is allowed at my pool and it is possible someone could mistake me for one and try to harpoon me.

5 - The fat band I've been wearing on my ring finger since February is starting to get way too tight. I think it may need to come off because of all the water retention and swelling. I really hate the thought of not wearing a ring. So, Grayson, please come out so I can keep it on.

6 - So far we have avoided insane heat this May here in NOrthern Virginia. This is quite unusual...normally we have a few 90 degree days thrown in by now. So nice to have avoided the heat thus far in my huge state...but I bet by next week the temps start to rise and I will have to start to suffer even more swelling and canklage in the heat.

7 - Work is 100% handed off. I'm still doing all my duties til I go into labor. But...all is fully covered for when I'm gone. So I'm totally ready on the work front.

So c'mon a good little boy, listen to your mom. Come out and play with us this weekend. Even tonight. Pretty please?


Amanda said...

Awww... I hope he comes at the perfect time. How exciting.. you are so close! :-)

Fertilized said...

Have a fun weekend

jill said...

I'll pray hard for Grayson to come this weekend if you'll do the same for me late September/early October!! ;)