Monday, March 10, 2008

Down for the Count

Last night right before waking up, I was having a dream that my stomach hurt and I was buying some tums. I woke up to discover it was no dream and that my stomach was indeed quite sick. I thougth maybe I was just hungry and downed some saltines. Big mistake. It quickly became apparent that I have a stomach flu of some sort complete with fever and body aches and chills. I have been down for the count all day long. I haven't left my bedroom, haven't watched tv, haven't even brushed my teeth (yes...I know this is disgusting...I'm hoping to get strength to get up do so prior to hittng the hay tonight.)

So who did I call to come help me out today? My mommy. Seriously...are we ever too old to be babied a bit by them? She stopped by to let the dog out, stock me up with some fluids in a little mini fridge, bring me applesauce and get me set up with the computer in bed and a book. God bless moms. Especially mine who is so completely amazing in every way. I know people say this about their moms, but it is seriously true about mine. I think I lucked out with the best one. Wow...look at me all sentimental on my sick bed.

As my mom took care of me, I began reflecting on little Gray and what type of mom I'm gonna be to him. My mom has always been so selfless with us. Even today, coming over her and chancing gettting sick herself. She also today got thrown up on by my nephew who has the same bug and instead of dodging the puke, just let him do it in her lap. Wow...what a mom thing to do. Now, I still have a hard time imagining myself willingly being puked on, but I do find myself starting to put Gray's needs before mine. In an effort to keep fluids in for him today, I have overcome the puke that was sure to come a few times. would offer me sweet relief....but the little guy needs something since I can't give him much at all today. I guess some of that unconditional loving and selfless stuff is starting to kick in. I know I still have a long way to go to be as awesome as my mom. But...I'm happy to see some maternal instinct starting to set in.

One last complaint before I sign off, try to down some saltines so I can take some more tylenol and pass out with the hopes of waking up all shiny and new and feeling good. You know when you normally get the stomach flu and you're puking or on the toilet and lay in bed all day feeling like you want to die? normal life, there is at least one bright spot to it. The fact that tomorrow you are going to be so darn skinny from the "diet" you never intended to go on. It is the one positive thing that one can look forward to from the stomach flu. But nope...not me. I don't even get that. Yes...I am that superficial sometimes. Can't help it.

Off to bed. Hoping for good things in the a.m.!


Fertilized said...

OH YUCK! Hoping things are better bright and shiny tomorrow

jill said...

There really is nothing like a good flu to help you lose 5 pounds. Sorry you don't get to enjoy that this time around. Feel better!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

ICK. I hope you are feeling better and back to normal. There is nothing worse than a stomach flu and to have it while pregnant can not be fun. Get well soon! HUGS!