Sunday, October 12, 2008


Grayson had his first sleepover with my parents last night. We scored some hockey tickets and went with Sunny and Grumps into DC for a night out. We were getting back late, so since my parents hit the hay early, it just made sense for the booger to spend the night. So I armed mom with some pumped boobie milk...and some formula just to be safe...then headed out.

This is now the longest stretch of me being away from him. Up to this point I've only left him for 4-5 hours tops. This one will be 14 hours or so. I have to say it feels weird. I couldn't sleep well last night, because I kept thinking he was still in next room and I should check on him....but then remembered he's not here. Don't get me wrong...the break is fabulous. But just weird. It's almost like I don't remember life without him. Amazing how quickly that happens.

Off now to get ready and go pick up my little man. I sure do miss that sweet smile of his!

Oh...and a side note, if you are ever heading into DC....Grumps is the man to drive you! We made it from the Verizon Center to my door in 20 minutes flat! He is the man!


Sunny said...

We sure had a blast last night. I am still trying to get over the fun today. :)

tracey said...

Sounds like you had fun. Good for you for taking a break. : )