Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big 3-0

Today I leave my 20's behind and all the fond (and not so fond memories) of it.

I say good bye to:

-The decade in which I married my wonderful husband
-The decade in which I welcomed my beautiful son
-The decade in which I said goodbye to three precious babies
-The decade in which I saw so much personal and spiritual growth as a result
-A wrinkle free face
-A working metabolism
-A body unaffected by gravity

And I say hello to:
-A new decade to welcome new babies (I prayerfully hope)
-The decade in which I will celebrate 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 years of marriage to -my amazing man
-The decade in which I will *gasp* send my baby to school
-The decade in which I will at some point "retire" from work to be a full time mommy for a bit
-The decade of my *ahem..cough, cough* "peak" (or so people say)
-A time for making friendships stronger...and expanding my horizons with new ones
-Embracing every day of life...cause it's almost 1/2 way over at this point. Scary!

I've got to say, I feel very odd about the whole thing. I thought it wouldn't phase me but it is really making me contemplate life, what I've done, what i HAVEN'T done and more.

Any advice from any of you out there? Did you have a tough time with 30? How did you get through it?


jill said...

Can we make friendships stronger even though I live in Ohio?? ;) Hope your day is fabulous!

Life Coach Yost said...

When I prepared to say goodbye to my twenties, my older sister told me that turning 30 didn’t bother her at all, but it was turning 31 that really hit her hard. The big “3-0” had been made so special for her that it made “31” painfully anti-climactic. So for me, 30 came and went … and 31 came and went … and somehow I just missed the whole thing. I think I was just so busy juggling work, school, family, etc. that I assigned no value to the turning of the calendar page – perhaps there’s something lost in that.

I figured “maybe it will hit me when I say goodbye to my thirties …” Nope. That one came and went too and it was little more than a new number to remember and I wondered “what am I missing? Is there something wrong with me that invest so little in this?”

My mother would say that it’s simply that I was born 40 and that my calendar is just finally catching up with my mind. Funny story – I once walked on a group of staff members lamenting about how their age had taken a toll on their faces and when I asserted a comment, one responded “Yeah, but you really look good for someone in their early 40s, Lauren.” … I was 27 and pregnant with Quinn at the time. Boy, was she embarrassed when I told her.

tracey said...

My life is better at 40 than it was at thirty. I didn't expect to be starting over, but here we go - another adventure. : )

Katie said...

Crap, I missed this with all of the Will-birthday craziness. Happy 30th, my friend! It also phased me a bit, but ya know, it's really just a number. And once you settle into this new decade, you are gonna love it!