Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Threes

They always say bad things come in threes. I just now learned that a 3rd friend of mine has miscarried. It was one week ago today I found out about one, 5 days ago I found out about another and just 5 minutes ago I found out about the last. They were anywhere from 8 weeks along to 3 1/2 months along. The distance in pregnancy doesn't really matter. It all royally sucks.

My heart is super heavy for my friends right now. Some I know better than others, but that doesn't change my heart breaking for them.

It has me thinking a lot about my own quest for bambino #2. We are steady trying these days...so far with no success. I'm currently in the 2 week wait...my least favorite part of the whole cycle for sure. If it is true and bad things come in threes, I can't help but wonder if because I've already had 3 losses if I'm exempt from more? Or if there are three more to come before I get the joy of another Grayson? I must admit I'm living in fear right now, but trying not to. It's hard though.


Katie said...

I am sorry. So much sadness.

I wish that you would be/will be excluded from ANY more miscarriages. You've aleady been through too much.

Katie said...

Thinking of you. . . update? :)