Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost 2

Today was the day to get Grayson's 2 year photos done. I normally don't like to do these things til closer to the actual birthdate, but I really wanted to take advantage of this good deal for ordering some bday thank yous/announcements that I'd like to arrive before the big day. (The big day is on the 31st).

It is really, really hard to believe my little booger is almost 2. Well, that is, until he throws a tremendous fit and reminds me that he is right in the midst of the dreaded terribles. But, time really does fly and I'm trying to enjoy and cherish every moment with this handsome fella now...because pretty soon the poor little dude is gonna have to share me.


Katie said...

Oh, BOY, he is just too cute for words!!!!

Lori said...

love these pictures of him! Adorable!

Courtney H in N. CA said...

I stumbled upon your blog, what a gorgeous little man you have. I agree with your early post during the Horner's dx time that girls will swoon over him. Wishing you luck with baby Sawyer.

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