Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome BMW

What a weekend. I had a garage sale, went to hospital as yet another nephew was born, got only 4 1/2 hours sleep, went to church, went to the Redskins game, cooked a lovely dinner of rolled and stuffed flank stank for some guests. And now I'm pooped...and the work week for me is just beginning. (My work week starts on Tuesdays for those of you who don't know me.)

I handled the new baby well I think. My sister in law really is a sweetheart and she and her husband started trying the same time as us. They got pregnant the 1st time right after I did, and she had a m/c at 11 weeks just shortly after my 1st one. It then took them another year to get pregnant. It's great to see it working out for someone on the other side, and the baby sure is a cutie. His new initals are "BMW" - his nickname will be Beemer. Adorable. I teared up just a tad at one point, but was able to stop the flow thankfully. That was not my moment to steal with everyone thinking "oh no, poor Debby...hope she's handling this ok". It was their moment as it rightly should be, so instead I put on a brave face and was truly happy for the new parents. I just really hope our turn is soon.

In an update on our "turn", today fertility friend is telling me "if you conceived this cycle, your due date would be June 10th" - blah, blah, blah. I'm really not liking being back in the trying game. My 2ww is 1/2 way over and of course just to mess with my head, I had ever so slight spotting yesterday on day 6 to just raise that hope in me that it could be implantation. To not be so aware of all the stupid little things would be great. Ignorance is bliss..unfortunately, I am far from an ignoramus on all this stuff now. And it's not like you can go back and forget the things you've learned.

So for now...if I can just hold off to day 12 to test, I'll feel a sense of accomplishment. I know, I know - day 12 is still early. But, chances are I'll really start at day 10. So day 12 is actually a good goal. I get a little OCD in the late stages of the cycle. I know I'm not alone in this compulsion, which is nice. It's no fun to be a freak on your own. :-)


LJ said...

Though I am a devil stick addict myself, I will shout to you BE STRONG. Step away from the devil sticks.

And beemer, that's cute, in a sick-i-want-my-own-please kinda way.

Katie said...

I can't tell you to stay away from them, because I know that I never will. All I can say is that they really can mess with your head (and have messed with mine too man times to count), so it is best to step away. Step away from the Pee Sticks. And if you can keep away, please give me some ideas on how.

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