Sunday, September 16, 2007

What does normal mean anyway?

The follow up appt. with the RE on Wednesday went well. After reviewing all of our bloodwork, she told us that everything came back perfectly normal. No red flags, my egg quality is good, I do not have PCOS, our chromosomes are normal, etc., etc., I have now had EVERY single test possible done to me. There doesn't seem to be anything left. She gave us options of next steps. The plan from here is to start clomid with the start of my next cycle. Which the way my cycles go, should be mid to end of October.

The wierd thing is I reacted to this "good" news just as if it had been bad really. I was in a funk about it that day, and ended up doing retail therapy at banana republic. How silly that I'm bummed to be normal.

Although part of me is relieved to have no serious things wrong with either of us, I hate that there are still no answers. I feel like I'm at a dead end...and now I have to turn around and go all the way back to the beginning where I was just as lost as I am now. Sigh.


LJ said...

I get the feeling that it is bad news. If the doctor had identified something, you could theoretically do something about it. With no treatment, you fear that it could happen again.

I've been there.

tracey said...

Sucks that it's Snakes and Ladders. Three spaces forward - Damn! A snake. Here's to the next one being a ladder.

jill said...

Is "Snakes and Ladders" the Canadian version of "Shoots and Ladders?" Because if so, then I so want you to roll a 6, land on a ladder, and win the whole darn game!

tracey said...

yep - snakes and ladders is the correct name - >: )- hee hee for what you refer to as shoots and ladders - either way, here's to rolling a six, landing on a ladder and winnin gthe whole dang game!