Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best & Worst

Growing up, every evening at dinner our parents would have us say the best and worst things that happened in our day. It was an attempt at staying connected to our lives as we were teenagers and tended to close them off more than we used to. In keeping with this tradition, as 2007 ends and 2008 begins, I thought I'd reflect back on a year that certainly has had it's lower than ever lows, and also it's share of wonderful highs.

The Worst

-Ringing in the new year of 2007 without the baby that should've been in our arms from m/c #1.

-3rd miscarriage in April followed by 2nd D&C.

-An awful summer with awful anxiety that was treated with anti-anxiety meds. Took anxiety away, but mellowed me out so much I got awfully depressed. Not really what I needed. Had to take a break from the TTC cause of meds and just not being up for another pregnancy or loss again.

-All testing on me and DH came back normal. Yes, I know, this should be a on the best, and it will go down there too.'s also the worst because it left us with the fear of the unknown going into another pregancy.

The Best

-Fabulous trip to London, England with BFF from high school in February.

-Celebrating 5 years of marriage in September in Hawaii with love of my life

-All testing on me and DH came back normal. At least many unfixable things were ruled out.

-Amazing support as always from my family. I don't know what I'd do without my parents and my 2 sisters who all rock in different ways.

-Thursdays out forgetting my woes with the perfect companion

-4th BFP in late September

- Lefty is still here with us growing inside me. Could it be that 2008 will be the year that our dreams our fulfilled and we welcome a real live baby?


This is probably the 1st time in at least 16 years that new year's day hasn't brought promises of working out and losing some serious poundage. It's an odd feeling to not be able to do that. I guess I can resolve to not become an enormous cow with the pregnancy at least.

My biggest goal this year is to become the best mom I can be, to fully appreciate every moment that I have with this baby,NEVER forget the journey that brought us here, NEVER take this gift we have been given for granted and NEVER stop saying thanks to God for this blessing.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2008 is the year for dreams fulfilled for all of you.


Sunny said...

You were also one of my bests in 2007! Here's to a good year! HELLO 2008!

Amber said...

Yay for the year ahead! I really need a belly shot of you! I am already at the enormous cow stage and headed happily to the bloated whale stage :)