Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Over and Done and all is Well

The MRI on Friday was quite the emotionally draining experience. But thankfully it's over and done. The appointment was at 11, so in keeping with the instructions to not feed him within 6 hours of the MRI, I woke him up a little before 5 to feed him. After that feeding he went back down and slept til almost 8 a.m. At that point I figured he was a ticking time bomb, and that we had about an hour until he figured out he was hungry and started screaming. So an hour passed....and he still seemed quite content. Then another hour passed and we left for the hospital....and he was still fine. We filled out paperwork at the hospital and waited....and he was all smiles. My baby boy made me so proud. (And so did his daddy who kept him in the stroller and walked around in circles with him making silly faces to keep his mind off food).

When it was time to go back to the MRI, the hospital staff was so great. They calmed all our fears, answered all our questions and reassured us that there was a much higher chance of something bad happening to the little guy while on the car ride home (getting in an accident) than having a reaction to the anesthesia.

What did suck though was having to hold him down as they gave him the gas to make him fall asleep. That suuuuuuuuccccccked hard core. Thankfully it only took him about 20 seconds to chill out and about 40 to fall asleep. So we kissed the little man goodbye and left for what they told us would be an hour to an hour and a half. Big fat tears rolled down my face as we walked out.

Time ticked by slowly, and we went to the cafe for a little bit to kill some time. While we were sitting there I saw one of the MRI technicians walking towards us. I swear I saw it all in slow motion as he approached our table. I was so sure he was going to tell us something horrible had happened. Instead he just smiled and said "he's doing great", then went to grab himself some lunch.

The MRI ended up taking 2 hours which of course seemed longer. Once he was done, they let us go back to recovery as he was coming out from being under. This is where the wrath of Grayson kicked in. He sure was pissed. He was screaming, starving and inconsolable. After a few minutes, they let me feed him, but only a little bit because they wanted to make sure his stomach could handle it. You should have seen him flip out when I pulled him off of me. Not happy until they let me finish feeding him a few minutes later. After that he was all snuggly and cuddly and back to his normal happy self. Phew.

Yesterday we got the call from the doc that the results came back just fine. Another huge sigh of relief. We go back to see her in 3 months for another check-up, but that's just routine. He is going to be just fine. His eyelid will be a bit droopy, his pupil a bit small, and possibly the right side of his face won't sweat. And, his right eye will stay blue as can be while his left one continues to darken.

I did always want at least one kid to have my eye color. I guess I should've been more specific and asked for it to be plural. :-) So far the collective opinion seems to be that his eyes will score big with the ladies in his future...and I totally agree.


Cyndi said...

I'm so glad everything's fine and he's doing great! And I definitely agree, different eye colors is going to be a hit with the ladies! He's going to be a little heartbreaker :)

alison said...

SO glad all is well.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

That is great news! I'm so glad that things went well. :)

Lori said...

I am glad he's okay! :)

Katie said...

What a relief that it went (mostly) well and that the results are good. Prayers answered!

Elle Charlie said...

I'm glad to hear all went well! Sounds like a hard experience, but it's over :) And as I think I mentioned before, one blue eye will be hot to the ladies, no worries on that :)