Saturday, January 9, 2010

12 week ultrasound

Can't believe we are here but am so thankful we are!


thebetterdowdygirl said...

thanks for sharing that moment with us? is that gman in the background? loved it.

Katie said...

Love it! So excited for you. . . for both of us! Our babies will most likely be born within DAYS of each other!

I wish I hadn't been so freakin' scared before my ultrasound. We brought the camera, but I didn't remember to get it out. Darn! Next time!

Life Coach Yost said...

That is so awesome! You got, what, another 5 - 7 weeks before you know the gender?

Technology is so cool. It's amazing how clearly you could see the baby's facial features. I love the baby widget on your sidebar, too.

So exciting!