Saturday, January 30, 2010


From January 11th to 22nd me and my hubbie and Grayson jetted to Hawaii for some family fun as David had a work conference over there. This is one of those trips that I've known we were going on for 4 years so it was pretty exciting for it to finally be here. We were smart also and brought my parents along to nanny so that we could have some quiet time too.

Here's a little photo journal from the trip:

We had to take 3 planes both there and back. A 1 hr flight to Charlotte, a 10 hour (yikes!) flight to Honolulu, then a 20 minute flight to our island. All in all I have to say Grayson did great! I was totally dreading it, but with the combo of his car seat, dramamine, benadryl, mickey mouse dvd's and of course lollipops it was a very smooth trip. So proud of him!

Grayson enjoyed playing in the pacific ocean. He had no fear of the waves!

This is my favorite pic of daddy and grayson from the trip

Showing Buddha he's got a great little belly too!

He LOVED playing in the sand and getting it all over himself, including in his hair. Daily baths were necessary!

A family photo as we all look at the one to come. And yes, I know. I am HUGE already!

This pic makes me kinda sad cause he looks so grown up!

He loved all the birds that were around the resorts

What a ham! Cheeeeeeeeese!

I must admit I had fun playing in the water with him too.

It was a great trip! A shame he won't remember it, but I will and I have some great photo memories!

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Katie said...


Your belly IS sticking out a bit! I am honestly surprised mine isn't sticking out more, but I know it's only a matter of time.

SO jealous of the trip! It looks like you had a great time.