Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Here!

I've been tracking my doppler obsessively over the past few days via ups tracking, and yesterday morning discovered it was out on the truck for delivery. woohoo! As my husband and I sat on the couch yesterday afternoon during G's nap time, every little noise I heard was the ups truck. The wind, a neighbors car, a plane overhead, the garbage truck. It finally came at about 2:45 and I ran outside to get it, ripped it open, squeezed out some jelly and put it to work. It took me about a minute but then I found it! That beautiful galloping noise that is my baby's heartbeat. That sound is one of the most beautiful in the world! Goes right up there with the sound of Grayson giggling his little heart out.

When I hit the right spot and found it, my whole body relaxed and a HUGE smile broke out on my face. I said to my husband "Wow. We're having a baby!". I know I've known this for some time, but now it is very, very real. All of our losses were before this point (10 1/2 weeks was latest, but something had happened during week 9). This is it. Real, live baby #2. So excited I can't stand it!

11 weeks 5 days today. Crazy! 2nd trimester here I come. And can I just say, I'm ready for this stupid queasiness and exhaustion to go away. Also, I sure am HUGE already, so it's a good thing I'm about ready to make my "public" announcement on facebook on Friday after our next ultrasound. I'm sure everyone I know either suspects or thinks I really hit the christmas cookies to hard over the holidays. :-)

More to come on Friday....and I'll post pics then too!


Lori said...

hooray for the heartbeat! one of the most beautiful sounds in the world :) so excited for you!!!!

The G's said...

So happy for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! :-)
Kylie, Don & Arianna

Twice Blessed said...

You make me smile.. so happy for you.. was so excited for you to get to hear the baby's heart beat. Congrats and hugs to you.

Katie said...

Welcome to the second trimester, sugar! Real live baby, indeed!

Love the FB "outing" message and ultrasound. A little jealous 'cuz your ultrasound image is soooo much better than ours! :)