Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not My Normal Luck

Last Thursday, our local pea in the pod store had the grand opening of it's expanded destination maternity store. If you've never been to a destination maternity, they are glorious. They have motherhood maternity, mimi maternity, pea in the pod AND cute baby and mommy stuff all in one place. Definitely a great 1 stop shopping kind of place for us preggos.

I received a postcard in the mail saying that the first 25 people to come in on opening day would receive a 10, 25, 50, 100 or 500 gift card. I kinda liked those odds - 1 in 25 chance of $500, so I decided to go. And I recruited my sister, who loves doing things like this, to come with me. She owed me anyway - I've gone to American Idol auditions with her and lined up for Twilight crazed stuff among other things.

We arrived at about 7:40 - the store opened at 10 and we were the first ones there. It was cold out, so we waited in our car for a bit since no one else was really there. And really no one else really started to show up until a few minutes after 9. At that point we lined up outside, and I secured my #1 spot in line. My mom ended up coming and standing in line today behind us - so my odds just went up to a 3 in 25 chance of the $500 gift card (since sis and mom aren't preggo, they were gonna give to me).

When they opened the doors and let us in, I turned over my card and lo and behold, I GOT THE $500 GIFT CARD!!! AHHHHH! I was SO excited as you can imagine. And it gets better...my mom got another $50 card. So I have $550 glorious dollars to spend there.

I haven't spent it yet, cause I'm planning what I want to get, but I will soon. (Oh and btw the sis got a $10 card - but she kept it to use on nursing pads since she's still breastfeeding. I so graciously let her since I didn't need it. Ha!)

This is so NOT my normal luck. I never win anything. So this was definitely a nice change!

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