Monday, February 22, 2010

Pregnancy Must Have #3

Now, this next must have is for a little later in pregnancy. For when the belly bulge is really out there and in the way. When, let's be honest, it's harder to keep up with some of our female grooming. We're tired, we're huge. We can't see our legs, let alone figure out the delicate balance necessary to lather up with shaving gel, shave and not fall flat on our face.

Let me introduce my pregnancy must have # 3: The Schick Intuition Razor.

This lovely little wonder tool....

"lathers, shaves and moisturizes in one easy step so there is no need for shave gel, soap or body wash. Now with 4 blades, it will leave your skin noticeably softer! It is simple to use so Trust Your Intuition® and try it

This little gadget can be purchased at any drugstore, grocery store and even on It is more expensive than your run of the mill Bic, but is a worthy investment that your significant other, and your OB, will thank you for.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Yeah, I about DIED when the OB decided we needed to do a c-section and said to the nurse. . . "and she's gonna need a subrapubic shave."

Boy, did I EVER.