Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pink or Blue?

In about 24 hours I will know if this little person growing inside is a boy or a girl! Too say I'm excited is an understatement. I am a HUGE planner, and can't wait to start making purchases that are gender specific. I have certain items I bought for Grayson that are mongrammed, and I want to get those same items for this next little one. Things like this, this and this. And, most likely in room decorating, we will do these again, like we did for G. It has been killing me to not be able to pull the trigger and start decorating.

We also have picked out a new furniture set for the little one, but if it's a girl we are thinking white finish, and if it's a boy we're thinking espresso finish.

So many decisions out there to be completed, but alas, I've been in the waiting game. I'm so, so, SO excited about tomorrow. I imagine I won't sleep tonight.

A lot of people have asked me what I'd like to have. The answer is an 100% truthful "I really don't care". There are definite pros and cons to both.

If it's a boy:
  • Simpler - I already have most the stuff
  • Names - I'm more sold on our boy name than girl (I like the girl name, just not the possible nickname)
  • I know how much I love my little boy and love the idea of saying "my boys"
If it's a girl:
  • Yea! pink things!
  • Our families would be pretty pumped - right now there is only 1 girl on each side in the grandkid department (1 out of 3 so far on David's side; 1 out of 6 so far on my side).
  • A girl could be nice cause we all know girls are the ones who really take care of the parents when we are old. :-)
  • And lastly, if it's a girl, there is a good chance we will hang up our having kids hat if we want to. (although it's possible we could still go for a 3rd - with another boy it's more likely we will go for number 3)

I have to admit. When they said it was a boy at my last ultrasound, I cried. And no, it wasn't tears of joy (which is what I lied and told my husband), but tears of disappointment. I really wanted not just A girl but ALL girls, like the way I grew up. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. Now on the other hand, I totally LOVE the idea of all boys.

I can't stand the waiting, but it will soon all be over. I will be sure to blog tomorrow early in the day with an update! (Our appt is at 8 a.m. EST - if I recall from last time it was about a 45 minute appt.)


tracey said...

impatiently waiting...

Katie said...

Eeek! Tomorrow! And it STILL seems far away. Ugh, my appointment is still six days away. Don't know how I will make it! :)

Well, you read my post on the same subject and my feelings about both being wonderful. I think we can't go wrong either way!

I will be stalking you tomorrow, so update asap! HUGS!

Life Coach Yost said...

Well, I just have to say "Go blue, go blue" ... and not because I'm from Michigan.

Had to chuckle at the nick-name thing. I HATED the nick-name thing as a kid and made sure "my boys" had names that couldn't changed or shortened. They are what they are.

God will give you what you're supposed to have (of this, I have proof) and he or she will be beautiful and much cooler than you could have imagined possible.

Good luck tomorrow.