Thursday, February 25, 2010

Farewell Until We Meet Again

Today I said a sad farewell to my wedding rings. This is no surprise really, it happened with my last pregnancy as well. Although, I did make it a little further along last go around. This morning I had a few moments where I thought I may have to get it cut off as it didn't budge. But, thanks to much advice on twitter and facebook, some ice cubes followed by olive oil did the trick.

Right now I'm giving my poor finger a bit of a rest and letting the circulation return to my fingernail. But tomorrow I will put on what I lovingly call my "fat band", until I can squeeze the real things back on.

Goodbye rings. I will miss you and see you sometime in the late summer or early fall.


Meghan said...

Don't put them back on too quickly after the baby comes. I had all the hot firefighters in my kitchen cutting them off my finger! While my husband just kept telling me this is why he never got me platinum ;)

Katie said...

Mine are still fitting. . . for now. But I definitely didn't fit mine by the end last time. Ah, swelling! I say it's just time for new jewelry!

Milly said...

isnt it very funny to get a baby? ;o) All the best wishes to you and your baby. greetings from germany
(a mom of 3)