Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

It's time again for Friday Night Leftovers!

1 - Insomnia sucks. I remember having it intermittently with Grayson, but 2 nights this week I've been up from 2:30 to 5 a.m. Not fun! This has got to stop! Not sure if it's a hormonal thing, or a stress thing over getting everything ready for Sawyer. Whatever it is I hate it. (I'm actually writing this post at 4:45 a.m.....cause what else is there to do?!)

2 - Sawyer's furniture arrives this week! I'm so excited to be getting things done. This weekend the current furniture moves out and the room gets painted by the hubs. On Tuesday, furniture goes in and I plan on at least getting the bedding up and on the crib. I also can't wait for the dresser (which also arrives Tuesday) so that I can start organizing all of his little clothes. Yes, I still have 4 months to go and plenty of time, but I want to be done by 30 weeks or so. A/Just in case something happens and he comes super duper early (God forbid) and B/I already am exhausted doing little tasks around the house and know I need to get things done before that gets worse.

3 - Fat feet. Sigh. It's happening again. My feet are blowing up. I imagine within a month I will only fit in flip flops and crocs once again. Such a bummer. My feet grew a 1/2 size and went wider after Grayson. Really hoping that same pattern doesn't happen again so I can stay in most my shoes after baby.

4 - Letting go. In Sawyer room prep, I've been going through old stuff and either pitching it, relocating it or marking it for a garage sale. I did something hard today. I said farewell to all my really cute, really small bikinis. I've been holding on to them for years and haven't actually been IN them since 05 - prior to my 1st pregnancy and miscarriage. My body shape really changed after that first one, even though I only made it to 10 weeks. I think it's safe to say that I will never be that small again post babies. Sigh. And...if by some miracle, I am, it will just be more fun to buy new ones now won't it?

That's about all for now! I think....

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Katie said...

The swelling hasn't started for me. . . yet, but I know it will. I was all about the flip flops and huge comfy slippers with Will.

And I really want to see a nursery video this time around. Grayson's was one of my favorite ever!