Monday, March 15, 2010

Inquiring Minds...Answered my Coming Attractions post, Katie asked how we manage to go out to the movies once a week. Do we hire a sitter? Do we have family nearby? Friend trade?

The answer is, YES.

David and I have always been big daters. It obviously started when we were...duh....still dating, but after marriage it didn't stop. B.G. (before Grayson), we would be out to dinner, or a movie, or both, 3 to 5 days a week. We just like to go and do. When Grayson was still in the belly, we discussed it and decided that getting out was a priority for us and that no matter what, we would find time at least once a week to get out.

First of all, we are very blessed to have both sets of in-laws living within 5 miles of us. David's parents have a crazy travel schedule and split their time between here and Florida, so they do sit for us from time to time when they are available. My mom on the other hand, watches Grayson for me 2 mornings a week while I work, plus can always be counted on for another time should we need it. Most often this is a Saturday or Sunday afternoon time slot. Grayson naps at her house, and we head out to a movie. She's also gloriously available for overnighters should we need or want one. I must admit this was more of a draw when G was younger and I needed to catch up on sleep. Now that he's older, sleeps so good and is SO much fun in the mornings, I don't take her up on this as much. Unless we are going to be out late and it just makes more sense.

We also hire a sitter once a week or so. We go to a great church and know lots of high school and college students who thankfully love our son. So we have a decent pool of sitters to pull from that we are very comfortable with. For a while....probably about a 6 month period or so, we had a set sitter every Friday night. I told her we would use her every Friday as long as she was up for it, and like clockwork each week she'd show up and we'd go out. Unfortunately we lost her to college this fall...but I'm sure I will find someone else to offer the weekly job to eventually.

Hiring a sitter can be pricey for a full evening out, but is well worth it. And, I do pay well, because I want the sitter to want to come back and do it again.

The weeks we can't find a sitter for some reason, we've done family date nights. I like to head to the old town area of our city and hit the library and grab a casual dinner out at a pizza place or burger/wings joint.

We've also "friend swapped", or I guess more "family swapped" too on a few occasions. My little sister has 3 boys (6, 3 1/2 and 9 months) and we've done the I'll watch yours if you'll watch mine next time thing. She says right now it's not fair to do since hers outnumber mine so far, but I love playing with them and don't mind one bit.

Now, at the moment, with me being preggers and all, the dating has changed a bit. I'm not always up for the full night out, so often it's just a movie or just dinner. But it's rare a week goes by that we don't get out alone in some capacity. And I know as soon as I have this baby, I'll be ready to kick it back up with authority. Even if at the beginning S is coming out with us and G stays home with a sitter.

And lastly...we date at home too. A lot. We are lucky cause Grayson goes to bed at 6:30 each night. This gives us a couple hours of alone time in the evenings to watch a movie, or tv series (we recently finished Six Feet Under via netflix). In the summertime we enjoy sitting on our deck and talking over some wine (well...not so much wine for me these days). Once Sawyer pops out my goal is to get him on an early sleep schedule like Grayson as soon as I can. If I recall, Grayson was going to bed that early by 2 months or so. Gee I wish I was better at writing stuff down. It could've been 3 months I guess.

So there you have it! We're daters. Always have been, always will be. We both know we both need it, so we make it happen. We realized that it keeps us happy and relaxed and makes us enjoy our time at home with G even more.

Looking ahead, I don't see bambino # 2 slowing us least for long. I realize 2 is going to be more challenging then 1...I really do. I just know that when we are determined, we can do it somehow.

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Katie said...

Good for you guys!!! We are "daters" too, in the sense that we went out a TON pre-Will. Of course, we also had two incomes, then, so that is another difference now that I am at home.

You definitely have the advantage with both sets of family in town. We have no family in town (nearest family is an hour away, which works for longer watches, but not every week). We do the friend-swap occasionally, but it's hard because we have super-annoying dogs that really make it hard for someone to come to us if we're not here. But we do the swap thing as often as possible.

We do a lot of family dates and M and I do a good job of dating at home with good meals after Will is in bed and lots of movie nights.

I think it is time we found a good babysitter for a weekly type thing. We do attend a church, so that might be a good place to start. But we're relatively new there, so we're still getting to know people.

I feel as if I make a lot of excuses as we why M and I don't get out more by ourselves. And it's probably true that I am making it more complicated than it has to be. I just need to focus on it and make it happen, especially with Emma on the way.