Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sawyer's Nursery Tour


Anonymous said...

TOO cute!! I love love love the airplane writing on the wall! How did you do it?! :)

Can't wait to "meet" him!

Debby said...

oh the joys of pottery barn kids :-) we just ordered it straight from them. It's a wall just a big ole sticker. It was pretty easy to put up and looks great!

Katie said...

Okay, we have a Wall of Will, too. I think everyone has walls of their kids, but I think it's funny that we both call it our Wall of X.

I love the room. I love the writing. And all of the personalized stuff cracks. me. up. I need to get some of that stuff for Miss Emma. I also need to get going on the hospital bag packing. You have such a great sense of style and I wish you lived closer so you could help me!

You sound as out of breath as I do.

AND AREN'T YOU PRECIOUS?? You look amazing. I know you have been down about your weight/swelling, but gah, are you so cute!!!!