Friday, June 11, 2010

Sleeeeep Update

So I'm writing this post at 4 a.m....and I've been up since about 2. So all is not well on the sleep front. But, there is 1 shining light of hope for me still. It is called am.bien. At my check up last week I was telling my OB of my sleep woes. She told me am.bien is safe for pregnancy and she wants me to be sleeping. She suggested taking 5mg at first, then upping to 10 if that doesn't work. She also said to not take it every night if I can help it.

So in the last week, I've done an every 3rd night rotation. Every 3rd night I pop a pill and have glorious sleep. The other 2 nights....well, they are hit or miss. Some are ok, with at least enough sleep to stay sane. Others are like tonight. Here's what it looks like thus far.

  • 9 p.m. - Head upstairs to start process of getting in bed/going to sleep
  • 9:30 - husband falls asleep, so I turn off the tv (he gets up at 4:30 so he's often first to pass out - and he requires tv to sleep I'm nice and oblige)
  • 10:00 - I doze off for first time
  • 12 a.m. - up for first pee
  • 12:30 - wake up again, try to get comfortable, go back to sleep
  • 1 a.m. - up for 2nd pee
  • 1:30 - wake up again - try to get comfortable, go back to sleep
  • 2 a.m. - up for 3rd pee - so annoying!
  • 2:45 a.m. - been wide awake since 2, so get out of bed, head downstairs. I make hubs coffee for a.m. and pack his lunch (since i forgot last night), snack on a pop tart and a small glass of milk. Facebook chat with my sister who happens to be up with her son. Read some emails and blogs, watch Enews.
  • 4 a.m. - Write a blog post about my sleep woes
  • 4:30 a.m. - My plan is to head back up to bed once David's alarm goes off. Once he's out of bed I can toss and turn and sprawl and hopefully get comfortable enough to get a couple more hours in before G wakes up.

Phew! This kinda helped. Just writing all that drama out is making me sleepy!

I seriously am excited about a newborn and the middle of the night feedings. Cause if I'm going to be up anyway, I just assume have something to do!

Question though, if you were me would you take the am.bien every other day? instead of every 3rd? Or tough it out? I just don't know what to do! I know the doc said it's safe, I just really, really hate to take something if I don't need to.


Katie said...


I say huh because we should just exchange phone numbers and start calling each other at 2 AM when we are both up.

For me, this actually just started this week. I wake up almost every hour, like clockwork. Since it just started happening, I actually haven't talked to my OB yet, but if it continues , I sure will! I know from other friends who have taken Ambien that their babies turn out just fine!

I think that I would try to take it every other night. There are also less "potent" choices, like Tylenol PM, that my OB recommends trying first (I am assuming your OB didn't like that option, but maybe worth running past her if she didn't mention it), if you would be more comfortable than that.

I know, I am kind of two-faced on this one. My OB prescribed percocet for pain and I won't take it, either. Sometime just feels wrong about putting my comfort about her safety. BUT that is kind of different, because fatigue can be a safety issue of a different kind, especially since you commute.

Debby said...

i'm leaning towards the every other night at this point. last night was really really bad again. I have another appt with same doc thursday and i'll chat with her some more too.

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

I am the 'remover' :) I have too many email accounts. HA!

EVERY NIGHT!!! You know I took the strongest dose and my kids are perfectly fine. If you feel better than DO IT!!!