Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coming Attractions

I LOVE movies. Love the experience of going getting my popcorn and soda and having a couple hours of sweet escape. One of my favorite parts of the movie going experience is the previews of movies to come. I get so excited about a good comedy, a good romance or a good creepy, scary movie. Since I do not have anything concrete to blog right now, I thought I'd give you my list of coming attractions. I have so many blogs floating in my brain or 1/2 written and saved in my dashboard. They are coming, but just aren't quite there yet. You know how that goes. are blog topics to come:

1 - Jane Austen
2 - 28 things to do while I'm 28 (being as I just celebrated my b'day yesterday)
3 - Annoying mannerisms I'm discovering I have
4 - My entire baby lusting story in a nutshell for readers who don't know me

For now, I leave you with a movie preview and recommendation. On Saturday Bubba and I went to see the movie "Death at a Funeral". It was fabulously hilarious. Any movie that combines british accents, dark humor, crazy family dynamics, accidentally ingested hallucinogenic drugs and a gay midget is a must see.

Click here to view on you tube.


Sunny said...

I love previews too!!! I am looking forward to your posts!

jill said...

happy belated birthday!!

tracey said...

you had me at hallucinogenic drugs and gay midget.

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