Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breastfeeding Must Have # 3

The Hooter Hider!

I must admit, I do get annoyed at the people who get totally grossed out by breastfeeding and think that it should never ever be done in public. There are those who say if we want to feed our babies we should do it in the bathroom in private. Um, I'm sorry, do you want to eat your food in the bathroom?! I think not. I also though, don't think we need to subject everyone to flashes of our boobies. The hooter hider is a great solution to this very problem. It covers everything without smothering your baby. And the wiring on the top offers mommy a view of baby, without us showing the goods to everyone else.

There are some really fun patterns out there as well for these, but my suggestion would be to go with a solid color that is nice and discreet. I have a solid black one and I can't tell you how many times I was at a restaurant or somewhere else feeding G and people didn't even realized what I was doing under there. So, if you want to stay stealth, go dark and solid.

You can find a bunch of options using the link above, or there are a bunch on Etsy as well. I have gifted these numerous times as well to expectant moms. They make a great gift.

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Katie said...

Absolutely! I have two HH's, one I kept in the car and the other in the diaper bag, so I always had one at hand.

I think what makes them my favorite is the wire at the top. Oh, and the little pocket. I always put a pacifier and little washcloth in there.