Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good & The Bad

Very soon I will finish my post with my birth story - which was GREAT by the way and a huge improvement on my last experience. And I will update you on my wonderful baby boy is is soooo GOOD in every way - eating, sleeping, being content. Seriously he is a dream. (This is again nice change of pace from Grayson - who had NICU time, reflux and crazy fussiness round the clock)'s the bad. Since Tuesday, I have been in crazy pain in my lower back. It came on all of the sudden and has pretty much kept me fairly immobile. Something I don't really have the luxury to be with a newborn and a 2 year old. When it first came on I literally couldn't move and had to tell Grayson to "go get mommy's phone, it's by her bed". Thankfully he understood and did and my mom was over within minutes. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, thinking maybe it was a kidney infection. Something not uncommon after having a catheter in...which i did have as part of labor with an epidural.

They did a urinalysis which came up negative. The doc said it was joint pain. The joint that connects the back and the hip does all kinds of funky things in pregnancy in order to loosen up the pelvic area for birth. It's called the sacroiliac joint - and mine is inflamed. Oh joy joy. I'm supposed to take Advil and just wait it out til it goes away. Unfortunately it isn't. So I have a follow up appt. today with the sports medicine/physical therapy people to see about some further treatment.

From what I read, treatment is either physical therapy or shots (cortisone I believe). From what I read you can have cortisone shots while breastfeeding, but I'm not totally sure. So if not, I'm gonna have to choose between crazy pain, and breastfeeding my baby. I can always pump and dump for a while and then hope he comes back to my boob, but my supply doesn't keep up well solely on the pump. So that would be quite frustrating. But, if shots are the answer, I will have to do it. Because right now I can't take care of my kids on my own. My wonderfully awesome mother has been with me all days since this happened, and my husband in the evenings. Without them I would be unable to do things for my kiddos. This is oh so frustrating and has brought me to tears many times over past few days. So i need a solution. Hoping to find one this afternoon.

Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas?

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