Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pregnancy Must Have #4

Well it's been quite some time since I posted one of these, so it's time for another Pregnancy Must Have.

Ok ladies....you're in your 3rd trimester and starting to freak out about your water breaking. What do you keep on hand for a time such as that? My suggestion, Underpads. What are underpads you may ask?

Well....something like this. A large absorbent pad typically used in bed for an elderly person with incontinence. But in the case of water breakage, it can come in quite handy for the trip to the hospital.

When I was pregnant with Grayson, for some reason I thought my water was going to break while sleeping. So, I had my bed lined with them under my sheet for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my water broke while I was out at a movie. And did I have my trusty underpads with me? Of course not. So this time, that mistake will not be made again. My car has a stash in the back...just in case. My bed on the other hand, is not prepared. Murphy's law tells me this time my water will break while sleeping.

You can find a package of these in the same aisle as Depend's and adult diapers. :) You will probably have to buy a multi-pack, but I've now been able to have them on hand for 2 pregnancies...and I've given some away to pregnant friends as well (who have used them and appreciated them at the opportune moment). So buy some and pass them around. Your car....and your friends....will thank you.


Life Coach Yost said...

Oh that's too funny. We (the connections gals) were just talking about that Sunday - watching you sing on stage, hoping you'd thought of exactly that! Funny how none of us thought of it first time around, but a no-brainer for child number two.

Katie said...

It's so funny how I am not even worried about that. . . and I SHOULD be. My water broke with Will at 38 weeks, so I am within days of that. I should put a pad on my bed (mine did break while I was sleeping) and I definitely should carry some of these with me for any public, er, displays. I think I'd be stuck sitting on one of M's sweatshirts from the backseat.

Can you even BELIEVE that we are so close!?!?

Katie said...

This also reminds me that you never posted your birthstory with Grayson. Til this very post, I never knew your water broke in the movies. . . maybe time to put the rest of it out there? (and if you DID post it and I have forgotten, please post the link!)