Friday, July 9, 2010

Breastfeeding Must Haves # 1 & 2

Any new mommies out there who need some help in the area of breastfeeding? I'm a huge advocate for it. Yes, it can be very tough and challenging in the beginning as you deal with latch issues, crazy sore nipples and worries about if your baby is eating enough. But, if you can push through the first weeks - it gets super easy! I promise. I'm starting a new series of posts of some of my "must haves" for navigating breastfeeding.

The first two, are extremely helpful during the first days and weeks as your nipples are getting "broken in" so to speak.

The first is Lan.sinoh Ultra Soft Nursing Pads. Now....any nursing pads will do once your healed and not hurting any more. But, these ones are great for the beginning because they don't chafe and are super soft. Buy a box or 2 prior to going into the hospital so you're prepared when it is time.

The second must have for the beginning is Lans.inoh Topical Breast Cream. This is great for soothing the soreness. Apply it liberally and often...and don't worry, it's safe for baby too. You don't have to wipe off before feeding. Keep it in your hospital or diaper bag so that you're ready to go when you need it.

I have more must haves to come over the coming days...stay tuned!

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Katie said...

Ask for Lansinoh in the hospital, and they give you these little nifty tubes that are perfect for the diaper bag/pump bag. Also, have you tried the gel? It comes in a white tube and is a little more spendy than the regular cream, BUT it spreads so much easier and I used a lot less of it, so it seemed more cost effective.

And SOOTHIES. Have you tried those? Oh. my. word. LOVED mine.