Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Dedication

This past Sunday we dedicated Sawyer at our church. Our church background doesn't do christenings. We do baptisms at an older age after a person comes into a personal relationship with Christ. What we do is have a dedication time, that is really more about the parents than the baby. I guess it's more of "Parent" Dedication then a "Baby" dedication. It's a time for us to stand before the church and God and commit to raise up our baby boy to our best and in keeping with our faith. It's a really sweet time and I of course cried. After the service, we hung with the in-laws and we were able to get some good pics. Hard to believe my little guy is over 3 weeks old already. Where does the time go?


alison said...

We do the same, except they do the baby dedications twice a year. So there were like 60 families doing dedications a year ago when B was dedicated, and it felt more like herded cattle. I was just kind of disappointed. But Jesus was there and that's all that matters. :)

Your post just reminded me of a dream I had last night... I'd had our second baby, a boy, that we named Sawyer. Except we were so adamant about not telling anyone that we'd come home from the hospital with him and still know one knew his name and also, we hadn't decided on his middle names (it's a family thing that they have 2...). It was SO WEIRD, especially for my type A brain! I guess maybe we need to keep Sawyer on our name list for kid #2 when the time comes... :)

Katie said...

Our church also does the "mass" baby dedications. I wish it was smaller and more personal, but like Alison said, Jesus was there and that's all that matters!

Your boys are too cute! And I agree with you, the time is already slipping by too quickly.

How much maternity leave do you get this time?

Debby said...

We do the group dedications 2x a year as well...but one of the perks of working at the church and being the Pastor's daughter is getting to do my own. :-) Which is nice...I must say. But are both right about the Jesus being there part. Ha! Love the way you put that.

I get 6 weeks leave - and 3 1/2 has already passed! It is flying bay waaaaaaay to quickly.