Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't Stop the Clock

My time is up. Six weeks has flown by in the time it takes to snap your fingers. Today I go back to work. It's absolutely amazing to me how I have absolutely zilch desire to do so. You see I LOVE my job and LOVE where I work and LOVE who I work with. But having # 2 has totally changed me. I'm now content to gasp....stay at home. Even after Grayson I was ready to get back into a routine. But now, not so much.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for my job. And even more grateful for the child care situation there. (Both kids are down the hall being watched by a friend with other staff kiddos. I can visit whenever I want. I can breastfeed Sawyer at every feeding. I get to have lunch with each of them each day. Seriously....it's a dream). So I don't really want to complain. Just want to lament at how time flies and I'd love to stop it. Sawyer is already growing so much and changing before my eyes. Grayson gets to be more of a little person every day with new mannerisms and phrases and fun. Someone make it stop!

As I type this morning #1 is going well. Sawyer woke up to eat at about 6:45, then went back down and is still asleep. I then showered and ate breakfast...then G woke up. He's now finishing up his breakfast while watching Mouse and is dressed and ready to go. (I got my hair done while he's eating) I'm almost ready to go...just have to do the make up and clothes thing. Lunch was packed last night so all that is left is getting everything and everyone in the car and going.

Deep breath. I can do this.


Misty said...

What an amazing job you have. If only every mom could be so lucky. My boss was livid when she found out I was pregnant. Thank God I got to quit shortly before giving birth.

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have the childcare setup that you do! Hope your first day back goes well!

tracey said...

That's one def advantage Canada has over the US - we get a full year. My next door neighbor is going back to work after Labor Day & she's stressing. She is in awe of you.
I'm SO enjoying working from home. Not looking forward to the day I have to go back.

Katie said...

I am in awe of you, too! I cannot imagine going back to work right now. But it does sound as if you have the ideal situation, so I am happy for you in that respect.

I KNOW you can do this and I hope today goes smoothly.

Life Coach Yost said...

I hope your first day back went well. You're work/child care situation is definitly awesome (and coveted, for sure) and will make your transition back so much easier.

And for much as you might rather be home, for what it's worth, WE MISSED YOU while you were out and are so happy that you are back keeping us volunteers in line!